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Step towards the future

Golden specializes in events anticipating media presence, and ensure that we are always ready to document your event for archive or distribution:
Our secure, online FTP server allows audio recordings to be available for download almost immediately by anyone with a web browser and your individual password.

Our team of technicians have experience working with major news agencies throughout Toronto, Queens Park and across Canada, to ensure they are getting the best images and sound to take back to their newsroom.

… is never an option. The show MUST be ready on time. We know that things change on-site, and are prepared for it.

Did you know?


We've held press conferences in

parking garages • restaurant kitchens • birthing barns • highways lay-bys • muddy holes • places we weren't allowed • prison • courtrooms • power plants • hospital delivery rooms • Queens Park • living rooms

And we can stage your event wherever you need it. We bring everything you need to look and sound professional.